Photo: Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara

Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara

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Their name translates to “water palace”, and they could not have been any more correct. A popular destination for tourists and local families of Pokhara city, Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara is a where the vast skies and the great Himalayan ranges gaze upon their reflection on the waters of the infinity pool. They are among the handful of the resorts in the country to have a boutique theme park for their younger guests.

ChaChaWhee wanted to rebrand their establishment and reached out to us. idealaya provided assistance from the initial stage to establish a brand identity. We made certain that our designs
visually encapsulated the experience and came up with the logo design along with the fluid website. All the printing of stationery materials were taken care of followed by the online campaign still in the run.

The Challenge

Already a successful establishment, ChaChaWhee Fun Park, was operating under the name of it’s sister company ChaChaWhee Boutique Resort. They were undergoing the process of renovating the hotel and wanted to promote it as a separate entity from the fun park.

Idealaya was asked to create a unique brand identity that would embody the essence of their new establishment and also communicate to new audiences through it.

Our Approach

We visited the establishment and participated in heart-to-heart conversations with the brains behind the project. Since being run as a family business, we could immediately feel the warmth they exuded in the premises. Their children sprinted carelessly in the gardens and their eyes brightened while explaining the property to us. We felt less like hotel guests and more like long lost relatives when among them. It was not merely a business, but a home, a haven for them and that is what they offered to their guests.

We believe a brand partly represents the values, principles and intentions of the people behind it with the product representing the rest of it. Now, with a clear sight of the creator’s perspective and experience of the product, we were ready to begin.


When our team visited the resort, we were instantly under the spell of the scenic beauty the establishment had to offer. The one that captivated us the most was the reflection of the vast blue sky in the calm waters of their infinity pool, and the beautiful garden that outlined it. We incorporated it in our designs by symbolizing the serenity of the water and infinity of the sky with a particular shade of blue for the brand. To complement this primary colour we decided to go with the classic black and white as secondary picks. The fluidity of the waters in the pool and the rigidity of the beautiful plants in the garden blooming under the unbounded sky became the inspiration for the logo.

Print Design

To accentuate the visiting cards, they were donned with the primary blue colour of the brand with clear white fonts. Envelopes, letterheads and other stationery were kept simple in a plain white background with all the brand information in its signature blue. With simplicity, we managed to achieve a neat design without compromising on quality and brand identity.


We wanted the website to emulate the experience of the hotel so the designers made a conscious decision to keep the UI simple and seamless with smooth animations and crisp pictures of the interior and exterior of the establishment.

Ux Design

UI Design


Digital Marketing

To inform about the rebranding of ChaChaWhee Fun Park and to launch the new brand- which is- “Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara”, we decided to start an online marketing campaign.