HIke for Nepal

Hike for Nepal

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Waking up to the aftermath of April 2015’s devastating earthquake of Nepal, the tourism industry found itself profoundly stricken by the incident. For a nation where a substantial number of its citizens rely predominantly on international tourism for their daily livelihood, this was a nightmare. Mega Adventures International decided to come up with an initiative to contribute towards
restoring Nepal’s tourism industry to its former glory and provide relief to the victims.The effort manifested into Hike for Nepal to raise funds for the reconstruction and welfare of quake-affected communities. Operating successfully since, it has also inspired a collaboration with the international community of hikers, magnifying the initiative’s effort further with” Hike for Nepal
Sweden” and “Hike for Nepal Malaysia”.

Our long-time clients Mega Adventures International assigned idealaya the complete branding responsibility of Hike For Nepal initiative. Upon request we designed the logo for the company
and a website to facilitate their online presence. With the printing of signages, posters and T-shirts- we gladly attended to all their branding needs and successfully established its unique identity.