Skydiving over the Himalayas. Photo: Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure.

Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure

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Since their first operation about two decades ago, they have garnered an immense reputation having catered to over 2,500 travellers with a myriad of services. Trekking, motorbike rides, culture and wildlife tours, photography, you name it. They caught global attention since creating world records with their 2008 “Everest Skydive” event. Apart from fulfilling your need for adrenaline rush they also handle corporate visits and family vacations all the while watching over the well-being of their employees and giving back to the community. Their motto is after all, “Tourism for Development”.

idealaya was approached to ensure their online presence carried their essence and clearly stated their level of competence. We answered by designing a website that merged chic with simplicity
and gave it a class of its own.