Why are you not taking any new projects?

I will start with why idealaya exists in the first place. Idealaya was started by Suman Shrestha and Pravash Karki back in 2012; the vision behind the company was to build products that provide simple and affordable solutions.

idealaya in the words of founders:

we stopped complaining.
we started looking for solutions, the simple ones.
we found ideas, some worked pretty well for us.
we hope they’ll do for you too.

Former products of idealaya:
BattiGayo – https://battigayo.com
MediBook App – https://www.facebook.com/medibookapp
Neptees – https://www.facebook.com/Neptees/
Sampression – http://sampression.com

As a designer and developer, we started taking web design and development projects. Mainly focusing on the travel industry, we have built several brands and products that have helped our customers grow.

Few projects we are proud of:
Discovery World Trekking – https://www.discoveryworldtrekking.com
Ace The Himalaya – https://www.acethehimalaya.com
Explore Himalaya – https://www.explorehimalaya.com
Mountain Kick – https://mountainkick.com
Mega Adventures – https://www.megaadventuresintl.com
Icefall Adventures – https://icefalladventures.com

It was never our goal and vision of the company to make it a web design and development agency.  So we decided to shut down our web design and development services.

We are still providing support to our clients. If you are a customer of idealaya and need any support or want to move to a new company please email us at support@idealaya.com.np

If you are interested in taking over the company? Drop me an email at kpravash@gmail.com

Thank you!

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