Design and Content

Everything perceptible associated with the brand impacts the audience both consciously and subconsciously

Brand Identity

Ever so often, a few too many companies fail to establish the unique identity amongst a sea of competitors, eventually getting lost in the fleet of mediocrity. With thoughtful designs and insightful content, we let your audience know WHO you are and what sets you apart from the herd to eliminate any need for reintroductions in future.

  • Visual Identity

    An instantly identifiable logo is a sign of a successful brand. Our team at idealaya will work closely with yours to ensure your company’s logo encompasses the motivations, aspirations and essence of your brand and establishes its distinguished identity.

  • Voice and Tone

    The brief paragraphs, that catchy tagline or those sophisticated inspirational quotes: It is crucial to have a great message and equally so to have it delivered appropriately. At idealaya, we excel at bridging the communication gap between a company and its customers by finding the right voice and tone for your content that captivates your audience and makes them listen.

Content Development

A great appearance does encourage the initial interaction with the audience, but it is the content that forges the lasting bond. All that promotion and promises fall flat if the content fails to live up to the standards or deviates from the subject matter. Here at idealaya, we understand the value a great content can add to your brand and provide the services and tailor your messages to ensure they have conveyed appropriately to your audience.

  • Copywriting

    We invest ourselves in understanding your brand and its audience to concisely communicate your message through the right words in the right voice and tone that makes the most sense to your audience and makes them want to listen.

  • Photo Finishing

    Pictures speak a thousand words, and that obscure unwanted detail just delivered an inappropriate paragraph to your audience. We pay close attention to removing those undesired elements from the imagery which might send the wrong signal about your brand and perform the necessary retouch.


User Experience

User Experience dictates how your audience interacts with your brand and how it responds back to their queries. We tether your brand’s essence and offerings with your audience’s intentions and emotions, and engineer an experience around it. It is all about creating a seamless experience of the brand that people will pleasantly take away with them.

A brand’s stunning appearance can only be complemented further with seamless function
“A brand’s stunning appearance can only be complemented further with seamless function.”
  • Interface Design

    Whether it is a website or a mobile application, the interface is where your solutions rendezvous with your audience’s goals to promote a meaningful interaction with your brand. With our interface designs, we merge your objectives with your audience’s intentions and create a fluid and intuitive brand experience.

  • Information Architecture

    Often an enormous amount of information needs to be communicated between a company and its clients. This stack of data needs to be organised in such a manner that both the search engines and your users can instantly pick up on the relevant topics with as few keystrokes and mouse-clicks as possible. We put a lot of thought and work to put in place the perfect information architecture to instantly navigate viewers to the exact questions they want answered and help them find the answers that you provide, in the well-organized sea of information.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive design exists to ensure the appearance and user experience (apps/website) does not deteriorate depending on the digital real-estate. The entire interface and content behave in accordance to the pixels it is allowed to occupy without losing its form or function. That way your users can have a pleasant precise experience of your product across every device without having to compromise on its performance and visual appeal.

Website Design

In this Information Age, having a website for your business validates your existence and adds to your credibility, encouraging interaction from potential clients and colleagues. At idealaya, we design (and redesign) visually stunning websites that embody the essence of your company and accentuate your brand’s online presence.

Print designs are perhaps the only element of branding that makes it into a tangible medium. Thus, it becomes of utmost importance for the printed items to remain consistent with the brand identity without causing any obstacle in their functionality.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge and impeccable in such matters. We attend to the meticulous details and refuse to compromise your identity for the sake of convenience.

  • Office Stationeries

    We create designs for your internal company materials to reinforce and embrace the feel of your brand among your employees and colleagues.

  • Marketing Materials

    Even in this digital age, we cannot underestimate the influence of print marketing, We make sure your marketing materials carry your brand’s essence and message for your customers to take away with them.