Mega Adventures International

Here to take you to the Himalayan ranges through new scenic routes are Mega Adventures International. Operating across Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet they attend to the needs of adventurers and leisure travellers alike. Whether it is the thrill of mountain climbing and rafting you are after or just want to savor the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas, let them know and they will get back to you with the best deals. Mega Adventures International were in search of a single solution to all their business needs which ended with idealaya. We attended to their requirement of an appropriate logo and designed
the website which is currently being upgraded in accordance with the current technological updates. The promotional materials such as flyers, signages, brochures and visiting cards were designed and printed along with the rest of the office stationery. Mega Adventures International now receive numerous online inquiries from all over the globe on a daily basis. They have never looked back since.


A young energetic bunch of adventure enthusiasts with years of experience exploring the Himalayas, decided to kickstart a humble company of their own. Having basked in the abundant beauty of the Himalayas and drenched in its unbounded exploration, they wanted others to experience the rush and share the “kick”-that they themselves have grown addicted to- without any restrictions. This is how MountainKick was conceived.

We designed and developed the fully responsive website they wanted, making sure it reflected their personality, experience and ambition well. With a mixture of sophistication and simplicity (and a pinch of ‘edgy’), we managed to achieve a vibrant and informative online persona for MountainKick.


Nepal Made Crafts

Nepal Made Crafts specialises in making Nepali handicrafts available on the national and international market. As an e-commerce establishment, online presence is the backbone of their business.

They trusted idealaya to assist them with their entire branding, print and website development. We are currently working together to achieve our client’s vision and create a unique identity for Nepal
Made Crafts facilitate their journey every step of the way.

Himalayan Care Hands Logo

Himalayan Care Hands

When a group of Nepalese tourism graduates and their teachers decided to give back to the community, they teamed up with like-minded social workers. Himalayan Care Hands (HCH) operates primarily in the most rural areas of Nepal with the aim of improving rural health and nutrition, empowering women and children through the awareness of their rights and promoting eco-friendly practices for daily living- among others.

HCH wished for an uncomplicated website without having to sacrifice the necessary features. Our team at idealaya came up with a perfect solution to meet their needs with a clean and concise design with strategically placed content.

Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara Logo

Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara

Their name translates to “water palace”, and they could not have been any more correct. A popular destination for tourists and local families of Pokhara city, Hotel Jal Mahal Pokhara is a where the vast skies and the great Himalayan ranges gaze upon their reflection on the waters of the infinity pool. They are among the handful of the resorts in the country to have a boutique theme park for their younger guests.

ChaChaWhee wanted to rebrand their establishment and reached out to us. idealaya provided assistance from the initial stage to establish a brand identity. We made certain that our designs
visually encapsulated the experience and came up with the logo design along with the fluid website. All the printing of stationery materials were taken care of followed by the online campaign still in the run.

Ace Holidays Logo

Ace Holidays

Ready to answer your calls 24/7 and serve 365 days a year, Ace Holidays is a team of professionals who do not take a vacation to make sure you have the one to remember. With offices in three continents, Ace Holidays operate cultural tours, mountain biking and trekking to Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. Working closely with their customers, they plan your itinerary in detail and discuss your preferences to provide a tailor-made service. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority.

An esteemed company in need of a great website crossed paths with idealaya because fate would not have it any other way.

Filming in Nepal Logo

Filming in Nepal

A sister company of Mega Adventures International Pvt.Ltd, Filming in Nepal guarantees reliable services for any filming activity be it commercials, documentaries, film and T.V or photo shoots. Boasting of the experience of a decade, these experts serve effectively even in the most challenging productions with world-class skill set and equipment at their disposal.

Filming in Nepal sought our branding and web development services. We designed a logo that was very reminiscent of its parent company while giving it its unique identity. The website followed suit and rest is history.

Peace Nepal Treks

Peace Nepal Treks is a one stop solution for adventure seekers. From hotel and flight bookings to paragliding, rafting and everything in between, they have you covered. In case you are in a mood for something less exhausting then you can skip the legwork and and hop in for a scenic flight around the world’s highest peaks.In a nutshell Peace Nepal Treks is your mandatory dose of adrenaline with picturesque scenery.

They were in need of an appropriate logo and website when they met with our team. In spite the abundant services they have to offer, we successfully managed to dish out a concise, well organized and visually serene web surfing experience. To further elevate the user experience the site is currently being improved upon and tweaked with the latest technological updates.

FarWest Nepal - branding, illustration, website design and development and also print design.

FarWest Nepal

FarWest Nepal’s aim is to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in Far Western Region which is the farthest from development among the five administrative regions of Nepal. Started under the joint initiative of GIZ Nepal and Tourism Development Society (TDS), FarWest Nepal has been continually operating to provide education and improving the living standards while also promoting it internationally as a popular site for wildlife and cultural tourism.

When FarWest Nepal met idealaya they were in need of an appropriate logo for their initiative with a website that provided information and promoted tourism which meant that every bit of
information in there had to have some significance for tourism simultaneously painting a real picture of the region. The result is a neat, concise and highly informative website. We believe
in elegance through simplicity.

Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure Logo

Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure

Since their first operation about two decades ago, they have garnered an immense reputation having catered to over 2,500 travellers with a myriad of services. Trekking, motorbike rides, culture and wildlife tours, photography, you name it. They caught global attention since creating world records with their 2008 “Everest Skydive” event. Apart from fulfilling your need for adrenaline rush they also handle corporate visits and family vacations all the while watching over the well-being of their employees and giving back to the community. Their motto is after all, “Tourism for Development”.

idealaya was approached to ensure their online presence carried their essence and clearly stated their level of competence. We answered by designing a website that merged chic with simplicity
and gave it a class of its own.